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We offer fast-tracked AFT fingerprinting services with same-day processing for electronic submission. Our skilled Live Scan specialist will use a Live Scan system to capture your fingerprints. Only a photo I.D. and essential demographic details, such as name, date of birth, eye color, height, and weight, are required. Upon completion, a specially formatted "eft" file will be promptly emailed to you.

Remember to download the file onto your computer without attempting to open it. Your visit with the Live Scan specialist will take less than

30 minutes. The fee for this process is $75.

We offer Live Scan electronic fingerprinting. A trained Live Scan specialist will capture your fingerprints using a Live Scan system.  The fingerprints are then sent securely via electronic transmission to the appropriate FBI-certified channeling agencies for background check processing. 

The process is accurate and fast. A photo I.D. and only your basic demographic information is needed, such as your name, date of birth, eye color, height and weight. Your results will be available through a secure online system usually within several hours to several days. You must have an email address to access your results. Your visit with the Live Scan specialist will require less than 30 minutes. 

Our service fee is $125 and includes the FBI processing fee.

Digitas Fingerprints also provides FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) approved LiveScan services. The fingerprints are scanned and then directly sent to organizations that require the fingerprints.


Please note that you need to provide the "ORI" number. An ORI number is a nine character identifier assigned to an agency that is requesting a fingerprint based background check.

The processing fee for the FDLE background check is $150 

We offer traditional fingerprinting services on FBI-approved print cards. We will collect your fingerprints with our digital machine and print the images onto the FBI card. You may then mail the card to the FBI directly for background checks. This may take longer than the Live Scan process. 

Our service fee is $45 for the initial card. Additional printed card charge is $5 per each card. 

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